If the First French Empire reunited

Published on August 19th 2014 features a lot of different communities, one of my favorites having always been "Map Porn", a community thinking that maps are so beautiful they could be considered as pornography. As with many communities, it is subjected to fleeting trends, and what was hot in Summer 2014 was maps showing what would an old empire look like if it reunited today.

Despite some of these maps being beautiful and informative, most were blank maps hastily bucket tooled in MS Paint. Hence why I tried to include as much interesting information as I could find as well as tried to polish the map as well as I could back then.

If the First French Empire reunited

This map was positively received on reddit; /u/JayDutch describes it as such:

This is definitely my favourite of the "reunited series" I've seen so far. Unlike many of the others, it looks like more time and effort was spent researching interesting points of data like unemployment, sex ratios, poverty, urbanization etc. Not only that, but the presentation just looks really good. Map looks nice and the statistics are displayed in a neat/clean manner.

It offers a nice contrast between the other MSPaint maps that just keep showing the same bits of information (Population GPD, Standing Military, Land Area).

Very good job OP. I think this is ultimately what all of the other “Reunited” maps should aspire to be.